Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Week: Wednesday

On Wednesday morning we went downtown to visit Dan's old colleagues at the Pacers office.  They all enjoyed seeing Evelyn (and I'm sure Dan as well...).  Dan's old Community Relations colleagues hooked Evelyn up with about 10 new books.  She loves to read, so she thought that was pretty sweet.  We then went to lunch at Scotty's - one of my favorite places to eat in Indiana - it was (as always) delicious.  After lunch it was time for naps to rest up for an evening of dinner with friends and a basketball game.  Every year on the night before Thanksgiving, Dan's brother has a game (he coaches).  Some good friends of ours live in the same town that the game is always held, so we always have dinner with them before the game.  Once again, I did not get any pictures of our time at Dave & Jenni's - I fail at that!  They joined us at Mike's game as well, so that was fun!

Evelyn loved the game.  She was especially enamored with the pep band - she loved dancing and clapping as they played.  She and her cousin, Micah, got to run around, play with the basketballs, climb up the bleachers - pretty much a toddlers dream. 
Evelyn also drew some masterpieces during a good chunk of the game.  She loves drawing!
She looked up every once and a while to see what was going on!
And clapped when the crowd cheered

Grandma and Grandpa Gaines with Micah and Evelyn
After the game, Kendra (my sister-in-law) and I wanted to get a picture of Evelyn and Micah on the players seats.  We had the perfect plan of Kendra taking the picture while I made sure the kids didn't try to lunge off the seats.  It was brilliant until Evelyn decided to try and rock the chair - then slipped right through the hole in the back and conked her head on the gym floor.  I'm expecting my Mom of the Year Award in the mail any day.
But look how cute they are!
After the tears, I headed back to the hotel and left Dan to play with his brother and Dave.  They had a late (second) dinner, then Mike and Dan went to see Mike & Kendra's new house in Fishers (they close this month!).  He snuck in around 1am that night - Evelyn and I barely noticed! :-)


  1. ...and Dan smashed his finger in the garage door. Good times. :)

    1. that's what he gets for getting two guys nights in one week!