Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Week: Tuesday

On Tuesday morning, we had a playdate with the Nyes and Browns...or as we like to call it for the Nyes (who are homeschooled), "PE with Dr. Gaines".  We met at the church that Dan and I used to attend because they have a great play place for kids (think McDonalds play place - only cooler).  We had to corral all of the kiddos into a classroom for a while because the MOPS group was meeting in the play place - but we didn't care.  We got to catch up and watch our kids play together.  I loved every minute of it!
Rigley (1 year), Evelyn (18 months), and Henry Jay (15 months) playing
Henry's not afraid to drink out of a flowery pink sippy cup (such is the life of a little boy with 3 older sisters!)
Rigley cheesing it up!
Someone got a hold of Mommy's coffee cup...
Sophie and Evelyn
Tucker, Charlotte, and Paislee taking a picture of themselves
Evelyn LOVED the play place!  I loved letting her roam around knowing she couldn't get into too much trouble (and knowing that all of the Nye and Brown kids were looking out for her too!)

After the play place, we had lunch with Grandma and Grandpa - then headed back to the hotel for naps.  We had dinner plans with one of Dan's good friend's family.  We try to get together with them every time we are back, and they have a little girl who is about 2 weeks older than Evelyn.  It was fun watching the two of them together!
Alexis and Evelyn going for a cruise
Shooting hoops with Daddy on Tyler & Owen's hoop
Evelyn liked terrorizing Mackey
(sad news:  Mackey died just a few days after we were there...)
Alexis and Evelyn playing with their gadgets!
Dan and Evelyn with Chad and Alexis
After dinner, we headed back to the hotel for a bath and bedtime.  After bedtime, Daddy snuck out to go watch a movie with his friends Josh & Jay...and old time guys night - only the girls didn't get together at the same time :-(...not sure how they got a guys night, but we didn't get a girls night!

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  1. I wish we could do that more often! :( Miss you guys!