Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Week: Monday

Our first full day in Indiana is another long day of traveling.  We drove up to Warsaw to visit Dan's some of Dan's family.  First stop was Grandma Bea's place. 
Dan, Evelyn, and Grandma Bea
Grandma Bea was trying to get her to smile
Evelyn loved the bear Grandma Bea keeps on her bed!

Night night...
She pretty much loved everything that Grandma Bea had in her room...
And taking rides with Grandma Bea
We then went to Uncle Ron & Aunt Jackie's house.  Aunt Jackie filled us up with new scarves, kitchen hot pads, and headbands that she had crocheted.  Evelyn loved roaming through their rooms, too!  She also got a new puppy from them - it used to be Grandma Bea's. 
We then drove over to West Lafayette to visit with some friends from Purdue and Bethel (my old church in Connection Point). 
Evelyn loves leaves - and we don't have a lot of them around here since it's still 85 degrees in December...
Leaves and sticks!
I decided to start a new tradition of taking her picture on the Purdue logo inside Mackey Arena every year. 
These were the two best we got with a curious 18 month old!

Then we played outside for a bit so Daddy could swing Evelyn around a bit!
Sigh.  I miss Purdue.
Then we headed to our friends' house for dinner.  This is the only picture we got from the night...but these are two of my best friends from my time at Purdue.  (missed you, Nicole!)
Carlee, me, and Susanne
It was so good to see everybody and catch up in person while we watched our growing families play.  I can't wait until next year when Debjani will be HOME where she belongs!

A lot of traveling - especially after a day of flying from Texas to Indiana.  But Evelyn did great!  It's fun to watch her warm up to people.  It's a good thing she isn't too shy - she'll be meeting (re-meeting) a lot of people this week!

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