Saturday, November 3, 2012

Boing Boing Bounce!

We have a 6-visit pass to one of our local "bounce house" places called Boing Boing Bounce.  I've been wanting to take Evelyn when Dan could go so that he could see her get so excited...and because I know he's a big kid anyway and would love it himself.  So we decided to go Friday night after dinner.  Her favorite part this trip were the balls - she loved chasing them (inside the bouncys, outside the bouncys...everywhere!).  It was fun for me to see how far she's come since the last time we went (about a month or so ago) - she was a lot more active this time, and loved the slides!

 Dan took a video while we were playing in the tunnel...
I think we must have been too busy playing and having fun to get pictures in the bouncys!

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