Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Space and Jackets

These two pictures make me laugh..so I had to post. 

I generally grocery shop on Friday mornings.  Mostly to avoid the weekend crowds.  I had to get two big plastic bins to start storing toys that we don't play with much and make some room for new ones with Christmas around the corner.  They wouldn't fit under the cart, so I had to put them in the cart - which fit, but took away a lot of the cart space.  This was good in that I didn't pick up a bunch of impulse buys because we didn't have space to fit them...but not so good because I had to use some of Evelyn's space to fit all of our groceries!
Umm, Mom, that milk is cold - and it's in my space.
My Mom got Evelyn this jacket and I've been sad because she's about ready to outgrow it - but it hasn't been cool enough for her to wear it yet.  Enter Sunday - a little bit cooler (ok - it was like 68, and I'm a little ashamed that I made my kid wear a jacket) so I put it on her. 
Love this jacket...

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  1. Those bins are just the beginning P! Soon you will be exploding in bins of toys and clothes. And like me, you will probably refuse to get rid of them "just in case" you lose your mind and decide to have one more :) Love the updates and you are allowed to get a christmas tree whenever you want. There's a reason they sell them now! Love getting to know your sweet girl via your blog.