Thursday, November 8, 2012


So you know that scene in Tommy Boy where they forget to take the oil can out, so the hood flies up onto their windshield while they are driving?
Yep, that happened to me today.  No, I didn't leave something under my hood - but I did take my car in yesterday to get the oil changed and my state inspection done.  Apparently the technician who worked on my car forgot to push the hood down and latch it when he was done, and really - who checks their hood to be sure it's latched after you get your car back.  (I will, now, forevermore!)

I was on my way to work, only about 2 miles from our house, going about 65mph when bam!, my hood flew up onto my windshield.  It was the loudest sound I think I've ever heard in a car, and it totally jolted the car.  Both of my sun shades dropped down, the little garage door opener compartment door popped open, and stuff in my backseats fell onto the floor.  I am incredibly thankful that Evelyn was not in the car with me.  Fortunately, no one was immediately behind me (I'm pretty sure I slammed on my brakes) and I was able to blindly get to the side of the road.  I had just crossed over a bridge - thank God - I would have rammed right into that trying to get off the road.  By God's grace, alone, my windshield didn't shatter. 

After I got it pulled over, my first instinct was just to get the hood back down.  I had to pretty much hang on it to get it to flip back down, but was able to get it latched.  Unfortunately, today was about the only day in a semester that I could not miss or be late to work.  We had a candidate for a faculty search on campus, and I am chairing the search.  So my thinking was get it latched and try to get to work (hindsight is 20/20...there are a handful of people I could have called who would have driven me to Kingsville).  It did get it latched - and drove about 40mph to work.  Dan got a bawling voice mail asking him to call me back and I tried to calm down enough to drive.

Dan had his biggest event of the year tonight, so it was the worst possible day for him to have to play knight in shining armor...but, of course, he did!  I called the dealership and spoke with the manager of the quick lane - and she was immediately trying to help.  Her first question was if I was ok - and she was going to send a wrecker to get my car.  Knowing Dan was working until past 9pm tonight, we opted to just have me bring the car back to the dealership after work.  Dan met me in my parking lot at work so we could get all of my stuff out of the car (car seat, stroller, etc.). 
Here are some pictures of the damage...

My poor car... :-(.  One part that did make me smile was my sisters and friends quoting Tommy Boy most of the day on the picture I posted on Facebook.  As I was driving back to the dealership from Kingsville, I was praying about it.  Right now, we couldn't afford to fix this, and tomorrow is one day that we absolutely need two working cars.  I have a conference in San Antonio that I am driving up to, and Dan will need to be at work in Kingsville.  If it was a normal week, we could ride together and see if Amber could come for some long days while my car is in the shop.  I remember praying, and just giving it to Him.  It's his car anyway, and He knows our needs.  He's such a good Father and had already taken care of everything.  I barely had to say anything to the manager at the quick lane and she was arranging for it to be taken to their body shop and had a rental car waiting.  Of course, this all took way longer than planned, so I am incredibly thankful for our nanny - who stayed late with Evelyn with no complaints at all!  And I got to come home to this sweet face...sigh...wipes it all away!
To keep with the Tommy Boy references...
I'll just have a sugar packet or two...
I am so thankful for God's provision - how He gives us exactly what we need.  While I wouldn't exactly want this to happen again, I'm thankful to get to experience His love through it!

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