Sunday, November 20, 2011

Delayed in Houston

We are on our way to Indiana to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends. We've now been sitting in the Houston airport for 3 hours...our layover was supposed to be 75 minutes. Fortunately, Evelyn has been content (we brought a blanket, so we spread that out on the floor and let her play in between walks).

However the fun began on our last walk. We went to go change Evelyn and used one of the family restrooms to do it. while we were in there, we found a phone.

Being the good, upstanding citizens that we are, we went to turn it in at security. Here's what followed:

Dan: "We found this phone in the bathroom."

Security Man: "Sir, that phone could be a bomb."

Dan: "This phone's not a bomb."

Security Man: (on his walkie talkie) "I'm gonna need backup at station B-23." (to Dan) "Sir, I need you to come with me."

Dan: "Why? It's not my phone!"

Security Man: "You said 'bomb' in an airport, you can't say 'bomb' in an airport."

Stacey: (who packed her breast pump thinking it'd be perfect timing and she wouldn't need to pump until we got to Indy...Evelyn still won't nurse during the day) "Can we speed this up, my boobs are about to explode!"

Dan: "Why can't I say bomb in an airport?! What if I was a bombardier in the war? Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb ba dier!"

So they took all three of us back to the secret you're probably thinking there's no way that happened. And you are probably right. We're delirious from the airport air, and still waiting on a plane. But making up this story helped pass some time, and make us laugh a little. And we really did find a phone in the bathroom and take it to security. They wouldn't take it because apparently the security area is the property of the federal government...and the restrooms are the property of the city of Houston...and they apparently do not play well with one another.


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha! All I can say is thank you for that! :-)

  2. You had Todd and I cracking up at this...and we fell for it too!