Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Week: Monday

Monday was our big driving day.  We wanted to get up north to see some more of Dan's family.  We got up early and drove up to Warsaw, Indiana to see Grandma Bea, Aunt Jackie, and Uncle Ronnie.  Aunt Jackie made us a wonderful lunch (just some sandwiches was what she said..we had a mini-Thanksgiving spread!).  
Dan, Grandma Bea, and Evelyn
Grandma Bea with Evelyn
Checking out Great Aunt Jackie (who had her laughing a few seconds later!)
Hanging out with Uncle Ronnie
After lunch, we cut across Indiana to head over to West Lafayette...home of our beloved Purdue University.  I had a brief meeting with my former advisor about a paper we are working on while Dan fed Evelyn.  We then had to get over to Mackey Arena, the basketball arena, to see the renovations that had taken place since we were students there.  It was (is) gorgeous!!
Dan and Evelyn outside of Mackey
The entire Athletics complex (this was just barely going up when I went back to defend)
Inside Mackey - Dan and Evelyn in front of all of the National hardware
(Evelyn's still not sure of all of this cold weather gear she had to wear!)
Evelyn and I in front of the National hardware
All of the Big 10 trophies
Dan and Evelyn in front of the Big 10 trophy from when he was the team manager
Our future sixth man/boilermaker in training
Dan and Evelyn in front of the motion P they are having all of the basketball alumni sign as they come back to visit.  The signature in the middle of the P (on the black) is John Wooden's.
The main lobby of the Athletics complex - the TVs all have highlights from the different sports on them
Keady Court!!

This might be my favorite picture of the trip...
Boiler Up!

After touring through Mackey, we headed over to have dinner with some of our best friends including the pastor who married us and 3 of my bridesmaids.  It was so nice to see everyone - all in one place - and see everyone's kiddos!
Evelyn with Nicole
Evelyn with Femi (I like your buttons...)
Evelyn with Emma (who adored Evelyn)
Talking with Carlee
Holding "baby" Elizabeth...she's still supposed to be little!  We had a good time eating some pizza!
Evelyn with Susanne
Evelyn with Narron (she was NOT a fan of scratch facial hair...she may or may not get that from her Mom!)
Playing with Pastor Jim
Saying goodnight to Emma!
Pastor Jim & Robin, Eric & Cara, Femi & Carlee, Eric & Candy, Narron & Susanne, and Nicole...WE MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!  Thanks for taking a night out of your busy schedules to hang with us!

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