Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Week: Friday

Friday morning we checked out of our hotel and headed over to Cracker Barrel to have brunch with the Gaines families.  It was the first day that we were in Indiana that the sun was out, so Evelyn busted out her shades!  We were actually enjoying the dreary early winter Indiana weather this was something different than 90 degrees, hot, and humid!
We may have a little diva on our hands...
Evelyn with Uncle Mike
Uncle Dan and Aunt Stacey with Micah
After brunch, we headed over to the south side of Indianapolis to spend the rest of our time there with our friends Jason & Emily and Josh & Katie and their families.  This has become our day after Thanksgiving tradition (waaaay less stressful than Black Friday!).  While we were waiting for the Browns to arrive, Evelyn and Henry got some date, I mean, play time in.  
Evelyn playing with the ring Henry gave her (or that the Nye's gave her...same thing)
I just liked this picture...look at those chubbers legs!
Evelyn + Henry Jay
We like to chew on our fingers...
He stole my Sophie!!!
Chaney is the big sister of the Brown bunch (1 sister and 2 brothers) - so she was showing me how good of a babysitter she is!
Getting ready for bed...don't look Henry, I'm changing.
Evelyn (~6 months), Henry (~3 months), and Rigley (~3 weeks)
All of the kiddos
Tucker, Charlotte (who are also in a pre-arranged marriage), Sophie, Chloe, Chaney, and Paislee
Evelyn, Henry, and Rigley
Sleepy girl ready for some bedtime!
We (or more like, I...) had our first "parents of the year" moment at the Nyes.  We were giving Evelyn a bath in their bath tub, and I was holding her while Dan was bathing her.  She squirmed a little and I lost my hold of she slipped out of my hands and banged her cheek on the bottom of the bathtub.  I think I was more upset than she was in the long run!

Evelyn also decided that she likes Indiana, or at least the Nye house, because she slept through the night that night!  She hasn't done it since...

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