Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Week: Sunday

We started off the week on Sunday, when we flew through Houston to get to Indianapolis.  As you probably read in our earlier post, we were delayed in Houston for about 4 hours.  They kept acting like we were going to get a new plane and leave any time, so we were kind of stuck next to our gate.  Thankfully, Evelyn did great, we laid out a blanket and just let her play between some walks.

This was Evelyn's first time to have to wear a coat..she wasn't quite sure what the big furry thing around her head was.  We borrowed this from her cousins Katie and Heidi instead of buying one for the three weeks of the year she will need it being in Indiana and Colorado!

Outside the airport in Indy, waiting for our rental car

Once we finally got to Indy, we headed straight up to Fishers to meet our new nephew, Micah (and see his parents, of course!).
Evelyn with Grandpa Gaines
Evelyn playing with Aunt Kendra
Checking out Uncle Mike
(it was hilarious watching her try to figure him out...for those that don't know - Mike and Dan look a lot alike)
Aunt Stacey snuggling with Baby Micah
OK...I like this guy now...
Dan (holding Micah), Ted, and Mike (holding Evelyn)
After we had dinner with Mike & Kendra and Grandma & Grandpa Gaines, we finally headed south and got checked into our hotel.  It was a late night after a long day of traveling, which turned into melt down mode for a little girl.  After about 2 hours of trying to get an overtired girl to sleep, Dan packed her up in the car and took her for a drive around Greenfield.  She was asleep before they even got to the car!

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