Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's (Way Past) Time

Six months seems to be marking the time period my body needed to really get back into working out.  I tried to jog/swim/walk a number of times since Evelyn was born and would last about 2-3 days before being exhausted, sore, and not feeling rejuvenated from a work out.  I pretty much dreaded working out and would talk myself out of it most days (which isn't normal for me - I usually enjoy it and look forward to it).  A couple of weeks back I started to WANT to work out - and run again in particular.  Dan and I had decided that we were going to buy our jogging stroller for each other for our anniversary and Christmas.  Since we are entering into the "nice" part of the year weather-wise down here (I still want cold and snow!!!), we decided to go ahead and buy it now.  (And...if you use this link to shop at Amazon, you can help my friends bring home their little girl from India!!)

Here's the beautifulness that is our new jogging stroller!

I've been trying to run every night (boy am I out of shape!), and started bringing along some resistance bands.  There is a "park" about a mile from our house with some benches, so I run the mile out - do about 10 minutes (for now) of resistance band workouts - then run the mile back.  I'm itching to get up to some higher mileage and longer workouts, but am trying to stay safe and listen to my body.

Evelyn seems to enjoy it.  

She was cracking up watching me do side lunges...maybe I need to check myself out in a mirror since I'm doing this in public!

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