Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

We had a pretty low-key Mother's Day...which is perfect for me!  I got to snuggle my girls first thing in the morning - who doesn't love family cuddles in bed?  I then got to go for a Mother's Day run.  I really do enjoy running, and I really - really - enjoy running by myself.  Mostly because it's just me and the road and I don't have to worry about whether or not the girls are too hot/entertained/etc.  And let's be honest, running with just my excess pounds of baby weight it a lot easier than running with my excess pounds of baby weight plus about 65 pounds of kid and stroller.  And running is one of the easiest ways that I can have some time with Jesus where I can't be interrupted.  Perfect way to start my Mother's Day!  We went to church, then had lunch at home with my parents.  Had a Mother's Day nap with my Evelyn, then took my Mom to P.F. Chang's for dinner.  After dinner we let the girls play outside for most of the night. 
Evelyn really loves her new playset!
Lillian is also a fan!
Everyone needs a slide with a bay window!
Lilly found out she loves the car
What guys?
Grandad taking her for a little cruise around the yard
Evelyn taking orders at her restaurant window
("I'll take a large tea-es, some samwiches, and some french fries" - I have GOT to get a video of her trying to say "tea"..."tea-es"'s hilarious!)
Great Mother's Day - lots of time with the girls, some time to rest and unwind, and getting to spend it with my Mom was really special!

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