Monday, May 12, 2014

Grammie & Grandad Came to Visit

The rest of the pictures from my Mom and Dad's trip down to Corpus.
Lillian still trying to figure Grammie out
Sweet girl!
Dinner with Grandad
We set up Evelyn's old crib mattress in our room so that my Mom and Dad could sleep in Evelyn's room (she just has a queen mattress on the floor now).  We had a great time watching her on the video monitor in our room.  Every night, she pulled this book (What to Expect the First Year) off my night stand and would "read" it for like an hour.  It was hilarious!
Playing with Grandad!
(and my favorite squinty-eyed smile from Lilly!)
Opening her gift from Uncle Mike & Aunt Aug and Ben, Katie, Heidi, and Kolbe
Her newest baby - a potty baby
I'm just going to play with this stick!
Lunch with Grammie at the Olive Garden
While the girls went shopping, the boys worked on Evelyn & Lillian's birthday gift from Grammie & Grandad - a new playset for the back yard.  The weather did not cooperate with them, so they had to construct most of it in our garage, then put the pieces together on Saturday morning.  It was hard to complain, though, because we needed the rain!
Dan spent about 4 hours organizing all of the pieces before my Dad even got here...

Progress around noon on Friday...
The finished product (I slacked a little on the play-by-play pictures)
 Ready for her party! 
(And to see what the heck has been going on outside...)
She was SO excited!

The big reveal!  We kept the garage doors closed when she was around, and put aluminum foil on the windows so she couldn't see out back!

"I got a slide!"
"And a swing!"
After Disney on Ice, she opened her gifts...a tired princess, after a fun day!
Grammie & Evelyn
(look at those tired eyes!)
Such a fun time, having my parents here.  We always joke that when we don't have a project lined up, my Dad finds one, so I'm glad we could keep his hands busy with the playset! :-)

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