Friday, May 9, 2014

10 Months for Sweet Lilly

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe 10 months have already passed.  Your personality has really started to bloom this month.  You make us laugh...a lot.  You are such a smiley, happy baby.  You usually only get upset when you are hungry or tired (or a combination of both), although you are started to show some frustrations when your sister steals toys that you are playing with!  When you don't like something, you often blow raspberries to let us know you are not happy.  At this point, we think it's really cute, so it usually doesn't help you much!  You love to play peekaboo (or any form of a "boo" game) - it always brings a huge, squinty-eyed smile to your face (Mommy's favorite!).  You also love to run your hand across your mouth while "talking"...reallllly loudly.  You have started to mimic some sounds - "boo" (when we play peekabook) and when it's time for your bath.  You still around not particularly interested in crawling or standing.  You are completely content to "helicopter" around to get what you want - you roll, then spin on your stomach to change directions, then roll some more.  It seems to get you want you want for now.  At times you will get up on all fours and rock a little, and you are scooting back well.  I'm sure next month you'll be crawling!  You also are not really interested in standing, although you are starting to put some weight on your legs more when we hold you up to stand.  You are drinking from a sippy cup now (just water, for now), and for the most part are eating real solid foods.  You have about 3 days worth of baby food jars/cereal that we'll finish off, then I think you'll be off and running with more "real" foods!  You have two teeth on the bottom that are about to come through, any day.  You can't see the white quite yet, but they are swollen and red.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for your gummy smile to go away just yet!  Evelyn adores you.  When we meet someone new (or see someone she hasn't seen for a while...and sometimes just us), she likes to tell them, "This is my LillyBelle!"  It's adorable, and you just grin.  I can't wait to watch the two of you continue to grow together and be the best of friends. 
We often call you "Lillers" - I'm not sure where it came from, but it's definitely stuck.  You make us smile, so much.  We are so incredibly thankful that God entrusted you to us for this time!  Happy 10 months, sweet Lillers!

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