Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Random Pictures

Just reading some books
Ready for the Derby!
Ready for a day at the aquarium with Amber!
Helping Daddy get the new play set to our house for Grandad!
Peekaboo - where's Lilly?
Look at me - I'm in a tree!
Flying like Tinkerbell!
Someone was excited about the Pacers win!
I'm big!
Evelyn helping us try out some new patio furniture
(This is the style we settled on...just different colors!)
Big girl eater's first day on just solid foods..she ate 3/4 of a banana and an entire waffle!
Just hanging out in my rocking chair
And learning how to rock!
Learning to shoot some hoops!
I had to pull this out...this was Evelyn when she first played with the same toy...
Lillian trying to figure out her new scooter/walker
Didn't take long for this monkey to figure out how to climb UP her slide!
Lillian loves drinking from these water bottles
Lillan enjoying some mac & cheese
And an apple...
Dan and I ran in a marathon relay here in town with some people from our church - the traffic wasn't nearly as bad as we were expecting, and I didn't have time to finish my coffee.  We have  too many sippy cups as it is...desperate times call for desperate measures.
I had to post these...our nephew Ben drew and colored them for Evelyn for her birthday.  I'm totally impressed.  She's had them on her wall since Grammie & Grandad brought them down for her.
Lillian enjoying a banana (yes, she eats... a lot.)
Evelyn enjoying some coffee with Mommy - she loves coffee.  One morning she told me, "I coughed.  I need some coffee."
Sleeping girl...
 Daddys always come up with the best ideas
Sweet sleeping baby girl
I love this picture...
Lilly shooting some hoops
Evelyn told Dan, "Come on!  Let's go see the little Lord Jesus!"  Then took him to a spot on the grass and kneeled down!  She's got a "shepherd" stick in her hand and started singing "Away in a Manger"
Look at this ball!

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