Thursday, May 15, 2014

Last Day of School

Today was Evelyn's last day of school.  I can't believe it.  Thinking back to that first day - she's grown in so many ways.  Our little toddler is becoming a sweet little girl!  It was an extra weepy day because it was her birthday, as well!
Ready for school!
First day vs. Last day 2013-2014
This is amazing to look at...especially knowing that she only grew about half an inch from September to January!
The excitement of the day was heightened when I got ready to leave to go pick Evelyn up from school.  Lillian and I had a great day playing while Evelyn was at school.  As I went to put her in her car seat, I saw this stupid thing slithering along where the garage door had been. 
I sat there, paralyzed, for like 2 minutes (seriously).  I don't think I ever realized the depth of my fear of snakes until this moment.  And I apologized to my mother for making fun of her for calling my aunt every time we had one in our yard growing up.  The series of events included the paralyzed standing.  Deciding to try to run over it with the car...yeah, my neighbors are talking about me as they watching me driving in and out of the garage about 8 times.  And I couldn't bring myself to put Lillian in her seat because I would have had to turn my back on it to do Lillian was sitting in my lap in the driver's seat while I was trying to drive over the thing.  I'm glad no one called CPS.  I figured surely I killed it (I failed to remember my middle school biology classes where I learned that snakes do not have bones...), so I parked in the driveway and got Lillian in her seat, and realized it had curled itself up inside our garage!  Eeeek!  I frantically called Dan, because he was going to be able to help me 40 minutes away in Kingsville.  I got our "snake killer" (as they are called down here...a flat spade shovel), then saw that our neighbor (who is in the military - surely they know how to kill snakes!) was leaving in his car.  I waved him down (after the awkward wave back, oh - you are trying to get me to stop wave), and told him I was super afraid of snakes and there was one in my garage.  Apparently he did not understand that I was super afraid of snakes because his solution was to kick it into our bushes.  Um, dead would be a lot better, but thanks.  And here's a snake killer you can use.  Dan made fun of me when I sent the picture.  I told him he better be happy because if he was in Corpus, he'd be headed home to chop down our bushes and find that stupid snake to kill.  So he's still alive - out there - lurking around in my bushes waiting to scare the crap out of me again.  Stupid snakes.

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