Saturday, May 10, 2014

Disney on Ice

The second part of Princess Evelyn's Frozen birthday was going to see Disney on Ice.  We didn't tell her anything, other than we were going to do something fun.  My Mom and Dad got her a Rapunzel dress and doll, so she wore that to the event.
Princess Rapunzel
Daddy and Rapunzel heading into the arena
Waiting for it to start
Just the girls!
She loved it!  When characters came out that she knew, she would point and tell us who they were.  It was cute!
Lilly loved it too!  She was jumping and kicking and smiling the whole time!
Caught this heart-warming moment at intermission...
"I'm riding on Grandad's shoulders!"
Finished off the night with dinner at Rudy's...complete with her own orange pop in a bottle.

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