Saturday, May 10, 2014

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Evelyn wanted a "Frozen" party this year (what girl between the ages of 2-10 doesn't?).  We scaled back a bit and just invited her friends from school, family, and Amber & Stephen (who, let's face it are like family!).  Dan and my Dad finished putting together her play set just in time for the party, so we had that for the kids to play on, as well as a sno-cone machine (thank you Amber, and Rainbow Snoball!).
The kids all loved the sno-cones
(as did the adults!)
We found a dead bird
(major party foul)
Amber manned the sno-cone machine...and when we realized we had 3 1/2 blocks of ice still to go with about 40 minutes of party - she started shaving it all down...
So the kids could play with SNOW!!!
Or eat it...
Throw in some carrots for Olaf's noses...
This is awesome!
Building a snowman with Grandad
Lilly slept through most of the party - then Grammie rescued her!
Happy birthday to you, sweet girl!
She loves frosting...she had about 2 licks, then set the cupcake down and started eating carrots instead.  (she is so not my kid!)
Lilly taking it all in!
Amber & Stephen got Evelyn some really cute Anna and Elsa necklaces
Daddy and his sweet Lillers
It was a perfect party!  We had it at 10:00 in the morning instead of an afternoon party where we have to worry about naps/etc.  The earlier party made for a little bit of a crazy morning (especially since the weather Friday kept Dan and my Dad from being able to finish up the play set - so they were scrambling Saturday morning), but it was really nice to be cleaned up, have lunch, then put the girls down for their naps.  I think I'm a morning party convert.

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