Thursday, February 13, 2014

Watch Me Grow

I finally found some growth charts to hang on the wall that I liked for the girls.  I hung them up the other night, after meticulously measuring from the floor so we would have a good measurement, only to realize I measured two feet from the bottom of the canvas - rather than the 2' mark on the canvas.  Rats!  I got them fixed and wanted to get a picture of Evelyn standing next to it these first weeks of her growth hormone therapy.  I would like to do this on the first of the month for this first year since Dr. Paez told us she will experience so much growth this year.  I am also tracing her hands and feet each month to see growth there.  The Facebook group that I am a part of mentioned that you will often see growth in the hands and feet before you will see inches.  I also hope that they will be something to show her changes across this year. 
Almost February 1, 2014
We might have to keep the Anna doll in each month's picture, too!

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