Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Seven Months, Sweet Girl!

I know I say the same thing every month, but I can't believe 7 months have already passed!  Your personality has really started to take shape, and you love being in the center of whatever is happening.  We moved you to the big bathtub this month because you have outgrown your infant tub.  Your sister loves this and loves taking baths with you.  It is such a joy to watch the two of you interact with each other and watch your love for one another build.  You now each both lunch and dinner as solid foods and have added just about everything to your repertoire of food, you have already moved to stage 2 foods and usually want cereal added in to thicken it up.  You also started eating puffs this month.  You still have troubles getting them into your mouth yourself, but you like chewing on them!  You are such a happy baby - you smile at just about anyone and are generally a happy baby.  You really only cry when you are tired, hungry, or need something you can't get to.  Your favorite toys are Sophie the giraffe, rings, and anything with a mirror.  You get really excited when you see yourself in the mirror, but I don't think you have figured out it's you yet!  This month, you got to travel to Indiana for the first time!  We went there for a wedding and spent almost a full week at Aunt Kendra and Uncle Mike's house.  You traveled really well and for the most part really love being close to Mommy in the Boba.  While we were there you really started babbling more - and started saying something that sounds an awful lot like "Dada".  Mommy is trying to deny it, but you mostly say it when he is around, so I think everyone else may be on to something.  Every month is a joy with you, and we can't wait to watch you and your sister continue to grow closer and play with each other more!  We love you, sweet girl, happy 7 months!

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