Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Disney Care Packages

My friend Nicole's mom, Ann Marie, is crazy for Disney (crazy in a good way!).  When I was in grad school, Nicole, our friend Jenny, and I drove out to Massachusetts (where Nicole is from) and stayed at her parents house for a few days.  It was Disney haven!  Every time Ann Marie goes down to Disney World (she has a season pass), she asks what we need from Disney.  And she is one of the most generous people I have ever met!  I had coffee with Nicole when we were in Indiana, and when we met up Nicole was on the phone with her Mom - who was at Disney World.  She spoiled our girls like crazy and sent them a Disney care package.  As you can imagine, Evelyn was over the moon!
The girls opening up their package
This is actually Lillian's swimsuit from Ann Marie, but Evelyn thought she needed to wear it!
Lillian checking out Evelyn's new Frozen swimsuit
(apparently a skirt trumps Elsa & Anna)
 Some videos we took to send to Ann Marie to thank her
 This was completely unprompted by us...
She insisted on wearing her Minnie swimsuit in the bathtub that night
Thank you, Ann Marie, for loving on our girls!  We appreciate you and are thankful for your generosity!

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