Monday, February 3, 2014

Sort of Super Bowl

We were ready...oh, we were ready...
Husband in a BRONCOS Manning jersey...
Cute kiddo in a BRONCOS Manning jersey...
I even brought my lucky Broncos Tervis tumbler to Indiana so I could have it for the big game.  I brought Evelyn's orange pom poms...I bought M&Ms and hand-separated the orange and blue ones from the rest of the bunch (it worked in '98!), and everything orange and blue I could find in the CVS store we stopped at.  I don't have to rehash the horribleness that was the game.

But I did get to see these that at least made the day a little more super! 
i. miss. these. girls.
Stupid Broncos.  After the Baltimore game last year and this debacle this year, I think I need therapy.  But I love orange and blue heart is mending and will be ready to rock come opening day next season.  Super.

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