Sunday, February 9, 2014

Playing Outside

The weather has turned pretty nice here lately.  While I do miss the cold and snow - a lot - but I look forward to January-early March here because it's when it is nice to be outside (read: it's in the 90s by the end of March and usually over 100 from the end of April through almost November...).  While our family and friends in Colorado and Indiana are frozen solid and going crazy inside, we are enjoying the outdoors.  However, before you get too jealous - do remember we'll be trapped inside in the heat of summer while you enjoy backyard BBQs, roasting smores, and fireflies.  Sigh.
I love this picture of Lillian - the look on her face cracks me up!
What Mom?
Evelyn riding her bike
While this is a cute picture, it is a huge deal for us.  It's the first time that Evelyn has been able to reach the pedals on her bike and actually start to learn to ride it!  Yay!!

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