Friday, February 14, 2014

E + L

I saw this posted on Facebook today and loved it.  I don't know that Evelyn and Lillian will ever know how much I love them.  I suppose it's a little bit like my never really knowing how much my Mom loves me (although having your own little girls gives you a glimpse!).  It's amazing how such a small thing can change your life in such a big way.  In a way where their hopes and dreams become your own and you can't even remember what you hoped for before you held them in your arms.  Evelyn and Lillian, the two of you bring me such joy.  Every day is a smile.  Every day is a laugh.  Every day is an opportunity to teach you about Jesus and His love for you - which surpasses even the love that I have for each of you.  I pray that you will know His love, His deep, amazing, love in ways that I have never known.  I want more for you.  I love you both, endlessly.

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