Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day weekend.  I'm not a huge fan of the holiday, myself.  I'm one of those people who feel annoyed that we feel the need to celebrate love one day a year.  If we'd focus that love in the same way every day of the year - what a different world we may live in.  But I digress.  Because I have a husband who enjoys this day, and two little girls who should get to make their own decisions about this day, I do my best to celebrate it!
Valentine's Day goodies for Evelyn's class and Amber/her teachers
We actually started our Valentine's Day celebration a little early by going to La Playa (one of my favorite restaurants here) for dinner on Thursday night.
Evelyn loves that she is big enough to not sit in a high chair now
Finding something to do while Mommy and Daddy talked
On Valentine's morning, I attempted to make pink heart-shaped pancakes.  They sort of worked.  The best one is in the picture below, and it took me 4-5 tries to get that one. 
Love this cute girl!
The girls and I spent the day at home (I usually work from home on Fridays so I can be with them!).  Daddy sent us a special surprise that arrived late morning.
Mommy's favorite - red roses
And balloons for the girls - which Evelyn loved
(don't mind my half naked kid...)
After Lillian woke up, Evelyn had to share...
The balloons provided a good 20-30 minutes of entertainment
Closer to 40 minutes for this one!
And it was all fun and games until...
Mommy said Evelyn couldn't take the balloon away from Lillian.
Commencing melt down...
It's hard to be two...
Lillian is unphased
Love this picture
And...we're better.  Lilly finally let them go!
Holding onto it with a death grip
Once Dan got home from work, he played in the yard with Evelyn while I made dinner.  We moved Lillian's exersaucer out there so she could watch them play and be outside as well.  I looked out the window and saw them playing tag with the magnolia leaves that had fallen from our tree.
Evelyn's attempt at acting upset that Daddy tagged her
We had a nice dinner of homemade pizza (Dan's favorite) and a calm evening at home just being together.  I love those nights.

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