Thursday, December 19, 2013

Santa's Workshop

We packed up the car before Evelyn's appointment so that we could get on the road to Colorado as soon as it was done.  We choose to drive through the night, which makes it a little harder on us, but much easier on the girls.  We have been having issues with both of our cars - mine is making a clunking sound when you turn and Dan's has some issue with a pump sensor.  Instead of risking getting caught on the side of the road somewhere, we opted to rent a car for the trip.  It ended up being a great decision because we had more space than we would have with one of ours - both for us and the girls.  We were able to put the girls side by side in this car, too, so they could entertain each other a little bit.
Evelyn enjoyed watching movies on the iPad
Lilly liked being able to see her sister
We got into Colorado early and stopped in Pueblo for breakfast.  We planned to head straight to "The North Pole" to let the girls play for a while after being in the car for so long.
This one was a little crazy after being strapped in a car seat for so long!
Giving her coffee probably helped
We then drove the last couple of hours to the North Pole.  We hoped that Evelyn would nap - she did not.  Dan was bragging at breakfast that when it was his turn to sleep they both slept without a peep, but when it was my turn - one of them was up every hour.  Evelyn let him know that she is an equal opportunity waker-upper during the last part of the trip.
All bundled up and ready to go!
(It actually was a really nice day to go - it was high 30s/low 40s - with not much wind)
Riding the Christmas tree ride
And the carousel...
Hey guys, I'm here, too!
This was the look she had on her face most of the time we were there
Riding the carousel with Mommy
Daddy's turn!
Lillian got to ride this one, too!
Time for the "tea cups"
She insisted that Dan ride with her in this car - the only way he could fit was sideways - it was hilarious.  The guy working the ride was trying not to laugh.
Then we rode the highest ferris wheel in the world!
 First it was Mommy's turn
Then Daddy took a turn
(a little reluctantly, he's afraid of heights!)
Then we visited Santa
(this was Evelyn's reaction to him...)
Lillian didn't cry, but she was sure checking him out!
Then we rode the train...and could sense that we were getting close to ending our time there (aka, a meltdown is a comin'!)
It happened when we were on the way up the candy cane slide.  Evelyn wanted to go by herself, but she couldn't because of their rules.  She wasn't real thrilled about that.
We made it down the slide - then got to be those parents with the screaming 2 year old ("I don't want to leave the park!") as we walked out. 
About 3 second after we started driving - she was out.
We met Dan's brother, Ed, for lunch at Red Robin (yummmm) that day - then headed to their house for a few days of visiting with them.  I love that we have started this tradition of taking the girls here - I hope it's something they look forward to every winter as they grow older!  Especially after next year when Evelyn will be able to ride the rides she wants to, all by herself!

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