Sunday, December 8, 2013

San Antonio Surprise

All of this waiting on hearing back from Mizzou has started driving us a little crazy.  Around 2:30am on Friday morning, I decided we were going to San Antonio for the weekend and it would all be a surprise to Dan.  I knew that the Pacers were playing the Spurs on Saturday night, but because we weren't sure if we'd be moving or not, I never mentioned getting tickets.  But the not knowing what we are doing going crazy feeling got the best of me and while nursing Lilly overnight I bought tickets and booked a hotel.  While Dan was at work on Friday, I packed up the car and pretended to be having a terrible day all day so that he wouldn't be surprised when I asked to go out to dinner because I didn't feel like making dinner.  When he got in the car, I asked where he wanted to go, and he said, "How about something Italian?"  To which I replied, "It'll have to be 'to go' because we've got to get to San Antonio," straight-faced.
I didn't get his initial reaction to the weekend away, but this was his reaction when I reminded him that the Pacers were playing the Spurs and we were going!
We had a great hotel room with a king bed and a sofa sleeper.  We brought Lillian's travel bed, but had Evelyn sleep in the sofa sleeper.  She loved it!
On Saturday morning, we went to the San Antonio Children's Museum, which Evelyn loved!  This was the first time she has been to a children's museum of any kind, and she loved all of the her-sized fun!
First stop was the HEB grocery store
Checking out with Mommy
We found a streetcar that Lilly could ride in
  And played checkers with Daddy
 Then making big bubbles!
 Daddy wanted to try, too!
 A fun water table where she got to direct boats downstream
 And milking cows with Mommy
(stay away from that one!)
 She got to play some piano
 And put balls in tubes to watch them fall out of the net
After the Children's Museum, we found a Jimmy John's and had some lunch (I miss Jimmy John's!).  We then went around the corner to visit The Alamo.
And by visit, I mean stop in time to take a picture and move along...
We headed back to the hotel after that (minus a quick stop at the Disney Store in the mall for some Christmas gifts!) for naps.  We wanted to have dinner at Texas de Brazil around 5:00 so that we could make it to the arena in plenty of time.  We have had several friends recommend Texas de Brazil, and it was a block away from our hotel, so we figured we would go.  We didn't know it wasn't so much of a kids place.  We had plenty of looks as we came in - fortunately they were both in good moods (they are usually pretty good at restaurants, regardless).  We also had a waiter who had young kids, so that always helps!  Dinner was yummy!  After that, we headed to the arena for the game!
Go Pacers!  
(they won!!)
We slept in a little on Sunday, then took the girls swimming after breakfast.  It was Lillian's first time in the pool - so I was excited to take her!

 She loved it!!

 My bathing beauties!!
After swimming it was back for showers and packing up.  Evelyn enjoyed watching a movie on her sleeper sofa, while Lillian enjoyed sitting on the bed looking cute.
Look at that belly!
It was a MUCH needed weekend, and we had a really great time!  Hopefully the Pacers will be back in San Antonio around June...not sure we could afford tickets for an NBA Finals game - but maybe one of Dan's former coworkers can help us out! :-)

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