Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Random Pictures

December was a busy month for us!  I guess it always is with traveling for Christmas, but with the Mizzou waiting and Evelyn's labs, it seemed especially crazy.  Here are some random pictures that didn't really fit into the other blog posts!
Just playing dress-up...without the clothes
Sweet Lilly-Belle!
Evelyn learned the hard way that Mommy means it when she says not to open the gifts!
Aforementioned gifts...
I always find it hilarious (or annoying, depending on the time of day/night) that men can sleep through anything.  Lilly's just looking around while Dan's snoozing away...
Could I get some help, Mom?
It's hard to be two...and have to watch your sister sit in the high chair you hated so your parents got you a booster for the big table.
 Christmas dancing to New Kids...Daddy didn't want to play
Getting ready for baking Christmas goodies for our neighbors - and our trip to Colorado.
She wanted to pretend the cart was a car
Just hanging out at the aquarium
Lillian loves the stuffed Olaf she got for Christmas...particularly his nose!
Daddy playing with his girls - making Lilly laugh
Our New Years Eve...wouldn't have it any other way!

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