Saturday, December 21, 2013

Healing Prayer

My sister texted last night to tell us that their old church, Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland, holds healing prayer every Saturday morning.  It's a come and go thing where prayer teams pray for people who need healing.  We were supposed to stay in Colorado Springs until Sunday, but Dan felt that we needed to take Evelyn to this - particularly since we are contending for her complete healing!

When you first walk in, they ask you to fill out a paper indicating the ailment you are seeking healing from.  After filling that out, they place the paper in a closed folder and take it to the prayer team who will be praying for you.  The team does not see what you wrote until after they have started praying for you.  Right off the bat, we knew the Holy Spirit was working because they knew our prayer centered around Evelyn and growth.  We shared her diagnosis with them and they prayed some more.  We received such a sweet kiss from God this day as this team ministered to us through intercessory prayer.  There were several things that came out of the short time we spent with them:
  • That her healing and growth would happen nearly overnight
  • That we were not to worry about the financial component (this was spoken over Dan)
  • That the peace of Christ would be imparted on us and stress would be released
  • Wisdom for the physicians
  • That the long-suffering we have recently dealt with will cause Him to move swiftly (this was spoken over me)
  • That whatever is blocking her pituitary glad would be lifted
  • That Dan and I would experience a healing in our bodies from the physical manifestation of stress that we feel
  • A promise that what the thief has stolen from us would be returned to us 7 times
In talking with them after we prayed, one of them expressed that she saw the peace of Christ surrounding Evelyn.  Evelyn was sitting on my lap, and was pretty still throughout the entire prayer.  This completely abnormal for her - she is usually all over the place, and when we have prayed for her with friends from our church in Corpus Christi, she is pretty agitated while we pray.  We also talked about how we discuss Evelyn's diagnosis.  Rather than labeling her with the label of a "growth hormone deficient kid" - we want to be careful to say she has been diagnosed with human growth hormone deficiency.  Our words are POWERFUL in the Kingdom of God - and we want to be sure we are speaking life into her! 

The gentleman praying with us also said as he was praying, he felt the Lord wanted us to realize that in declaring her to be healed, the Kingdom is already moved into action.  This reminds me of Daniel (Daniel 10) when the man in his vision expresses that the archangel Michael had to work through 21 days of resistance to come to Daniel's aid.  Daniel 10:12 says that since the first day that Daniel prayed, God responded...even though it was weeks before Daniel saw that response.  I want to keep at the forefront of my mind that God has already acted on Evelyn's behalf - let us not grow weary in praying for the tangible manifestation of that response!

It was such a great morning - confirming our desire that Evelyn be healed, and confirming that God's desire is to heal her completely.  I want Him to be the first place that we turn.  We'll continue on with the therapy, but are anxiously awaiting the day when her doctor says, "I can't explain it, but she doesn't need this anymore!"

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