Monday, December 9, 2013

Happy 5 months, Lillian!

Lillian, you have really started to grow into a little person this month!  I feel like every day you do something new that keeps me shaking my head and telling time to slow down!  You rolled from back to front for the first time this month, so you now will roll to get to something if you want it.  You stay fairly stationary most of the time, however.  Your sister loves to play with you, so she generally comes to you and is entertaining you.  You also started blowing raspberries this month.  It is really cute to watch you get your lips in position to do it!  You have started to really develop likes and dislikes this month, and you aren't afraid to tell us what you are not liking.  You are generally a very happy baby, but when you don't like something, you sure let us know (in a high pitched scream that could cause someone to go deaf if not subsided!).  You found your feet this month.  It's one of my favorite milestones.  I think it's adorable to watch you look at both your feet and your hands like, "wow - these are attached!"  You still are not sleeping through the night, you are getting up at least 2 times, and most nights 3 times (you can start sleeping longer at any time!).  You have started to really take to a blanket.   You insist on having something on your face while you sleep.  You will either crane your neck around until you can get your cheek on the crib mattress, or you want a blanket right up next to your face.   You are not a fan of going to the chiropractor.  You will be happy as a clam until we hand you over to Dr. Walker, then you scream your little head off!  You are starting to like tummy time a little more, mostly because you can roll yourself out of it if you don't like it.  You also went swimming for the first time this month!  You loved it - not one cry - even when Mommy took you under the water for the first time!  This month has been so much fun to watch your development.  At the same time, I want time to slow down because you are growing up too fast!  You make us smile every day!  We love you so much!  Happy 5 months, sweet girl!

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