Thursday, December 12, 2013

Growth Hormone Stimulation Test

Today was Evelyn's growth hormone stimulation test.  The stimulation test is given to test the pituitary gland and allows us to see if that gland is working as it should and producing growth hormone.  The test happens over the course of 5 hours and starts with a fasting blood draw.  They then inject a medication that triggers the production of growth hormone and watch how her body responds over the next 4 hours.  Each 30 minutes, she would have another blood draw in order to measure the amount of growth hormone present.
She has to sit quietly during the test, so we brought Cheep Cheep and the iPad to keep her entertained.
Watching Sofia the First
 And some Jake and the Neverland Pirates

The second half of the medication they give makes her really sleepy (growth hormone is best produced at night, while we sleep).  So for the last couple of hours, she napped.
Sigh.  Sweet girl...
Once the blood draws were done, they give her something to eat/drink (she had to fast from midnight yesterday) and wait to see that she keeps that down and is able to walk.  She was like a little drunken sailor walking in the hall at first - it was kind of cute.  We were there for about an hour for her to sober up and be released, but she was still pretty out of it and groggy.

She asked for macaroni and cheese for lunch, so I stopped by Corner Bakery to grab us lunch on the way home (Lillian was home with Amber).  By the time we got home, she was asleep again and ended up napping on the couch (which she NEVER does) and not eating at all.
When she woke up, she asked for a sandwich - which she actually ate.
Once she ate the sandwich, she was nearly back to herself and not so groggy.  I hate these labs, and I hate putting her through this, but I am hopeful that we can get some answers and know more specifically how to pray for her healing!  We should know the results of the test in the next few days.

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