Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Blissful Snow

I am insanely jealous of these numbers and pictures in Colorado today...

I miss snow so much. I miss seasons and changing weather. My alma mater is closed for a snow day the 7 years I was there, we never had a snow day. This tells me that Greeley is covered in a blissful blanket of snow. I can only hope it stays cold enough that we can at least see it this weekend. And that this is the beginning of a white Christmas. I miss snow.

I shall now commence with drinking coffee and listening to Christmas music all day...

(be safe everyone!)


  1. We are going there on Monday.....sigh, i love snow and colorado and wanna be there too...:)

  2. I am so there with you! Todd thinks I am crazy. I MISS snow - seasons - cold weather :) He doesn't know how anyone can complain about the weather in san luis, it NEVER changes...I am jealous you are going to CO!