Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Little Pumpkin

We took Evelyn to our local pumpkin patch last night.  She wasn't a huge fan, as you can see below...she was either not looking at the camera, or crying!  Now that I think about it, I think the straw was probably poking through her tights and hacking her off.  Fortunately there were some cute shots!

At the beginning...still not sure what all this is about
 Woah guys - I need some help here!
 Hey - this one's my size!
 I don't mind this so much when I get to be big and stand up
 This looks like something I want to put in my mouth
 Are we done yet, guys?
 I really really don't like this!
 No...I don't even like the wagon!
 Ahhh...this is better...Daddy's soft lap!
After the Pumpkin Patch we went back with our Life Group to carve pumpkins, eat lots of yummy fall food, roast pumpkin seeds, and enjoy a fire with some s'mores.  It was actually a gorgeous night here (could have used that cooler weather on Friday night when we were AC-less!).
Evelyn liked sitting with Daddy by the fire
When we got home, we tried to get some pictures of Evelyn in our pumpkin.  She actually wasn't too upset with this one!

Until she leaned over too far and hurt her tummy


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  1. Those are great pictures, Stace! It doesn't hurt that your subject is SO cute. :-) I cannot wait for Thanksgiving (and the Friday after)!