Friday, October 21, 2011

It Hurts to be Hot

Well our HVAC unit finally bit the dust. We've had troubles on and off with it since we moved in (causing fires in the attic, clogging lines, just plain not working). This week the external unit/compressor fan thing started making a LOUD humming noise, so we called our trusty HVAC service tech and had him come take a look. Apparently we had a freon leak that had created a block of ice leading into the external unit. He said it has probably been leaking for a while, but it's been so hot here it has melted itself before causing trouble. This week we finally got down into the low 50s overnight, which was the night the humming started. So he replaced a part that would work as a patch buying us anywhere from a day to a year's time before we had to replace the whole thing. It bought us about 5 hours before it started humming again. When he came this morning, the entire inside of the external unit was a block of ice. Apparently this is problematic. Of course today we're back into the high 80s for daytime temperatures and will barely break 69 for a nighttime low. We've got the windows open and every fan's been around 83 degrees in the house all day (loads of fun). It's finally cooling off outside, so we just worked our way down to 79 indoors. Still hot. Ugh.

But at least she's still cute!

No need for clothes today!

Wenches...yet another example of how it hurts to be hot...

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