Saturday, October 15, 2011

5 Months Old

Little Miss Evelyn is 5 months old today, and I can't believe it!  My friend Nicole always blogs about what milestones her kids reach/fun things that they do for each month/year of their I'm shamelessly going to copy her. :-)

Evelyn, you are such a joy to us.  Every day is a new adventure, a new smile, and a new laugh.  You went swimming for the first time this month.  I always thought that you would love it because you love your bath time every night.  When I got into the pool, the water was really cold, so I was nervous that you would hate it...but you LOVED it!  You chattered with us the entire time!  Your personality is really starting to take shape.  You are opinionated (Daddy thinks you get this from Mommy) and you aren't afraid to share with us what you are thinking.  We like to call you "0 to 60" because when something doesn't go the way you want it you, you are screaming in .35 seconds.  But you calm down just as quickly!  You really have an adorable "I'm mad" face - it's probably good that your cry is loud and shrill so that we will attend to your need instead of watching how cute you are when you get mad! :-)  You have been rolling over front to back for a while now, but a lot of times you'll need help getting started.  You are doing it all on your own...over and over and over  You are just days away from getting yourself from back to front as well.  You still hate tummy time - you will dig your head into the floor and stick your bottom up in the air, but you rarely lift your head.  When you do figure out to get your arms underneath you, you'll stay for a little while, but then it's back to face digging!  You found your feet this month, and they are your most fascinating toys to date.  You'll sit back and grab them and coo and talk with us for hours.  You have also started sleeping on your side.  When we lay you down in the crib, you curl up on your side and stay there for a while (at least until you shift onto your back or lose your pluggie).  You have started sitting up on your own.  You usually need a little help when you get excited about something so you don't face plant or fall backwards, but you love playing with your blocks while you sit.  You also just figured out if you lean over while you are sitting, you can get to those fun feet again!  Everything is going in your mouth these days....which means you are drooling like crazy.  I think your tactile sense is also developing because you love to touch everything.  When you are sitting on our laps, you'll rub our arms (and pull Daddy's arm hair!) and you want to touch everything that is within arms reach of you.  You love being outside, so we are glad that "fall" is finally coming to South Texas so that you can be outside more.  You also LOVE football.  I mean, love it.  Daddy knew that Mommy's family enjoyed watching games, but he had no idea it was genetic! :-)  When we are watching the Broncos, you will fuss when the commercials come on, but be completely content (and watching) when the game is happening.  We took you to a Javelina football game this month, and you loved watching everything.  We think you are going to have a love for sports like your Mommy and Daddy!  This month has flown by, as every month since you were born has.  You make our days sweeter (and let's be honest...our nights longer, you still aren't sleeping through the night!).  We love you so much!!

Happy 5th month birthday, our sweet Princess!

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