Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Two-Week Checkup

Evelyn had her two-week checkup today at the pediatrician.  I was rather impressed that the two of us made it out of bed, showered, got ready - with makeup and dried hair! - nursed, clothed, and made it to the office only 2 minutes late!  Not bad for our first morning out!

Her 2-week statistics:
Weight:  8 pounds (not quite back to her birth weight yet) - 60th percentile
Length:  19 1/2 inches (grown 3/4 of an inch since birth) - 50th percentile
Head circumference:  36 1/2 inches (I've never tracked this before...) - 95th percentile

She did great at her appointment, and is doing well.  Being the first time parents that we are, Dan and I were a little concerned that she is spitting up/vomiting quite a bit of milk after she feeds.  Her pediatrician said she classifies Evelyn as a "happy spitter", so there is nothing to worry about.  With time, her digestive system will mature and take care of it.  She also has a little rash on her face, which apparently is a residual effect of my hormones working their way out of her body.  She also had another chiropractor adjustment today, so we're interested to see if this begins helping with her digestive issues.  Overall, she has been MUCH happier since we started getting her into more of a routine.  She's rather fond of the Harms family nightly routine of bath time and infant massage.  It's one of my favorite times of the day as well!

Mommy is also pretty proud to say that she is back to her pre-pregnancy weight (yay!) and can wear her pre-pregnancy jeans (yay!).  This may be the upside of gestational diabetes!  I haven't done anything to lose my pregnancy weight yet (we are being WELL fed by Grammie/church friends) - so I'm excited that I'll be able to start working away at the extra pounds I was carrying before pregnancy once I get through my postpartum appointment.  I'm hoping to get the green light to start walking this week - mostly to give Evelyn and I a chance to be out of the house once a day!

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