Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Glimpse at the Nursery!

Here are some updated pictures of the finished nursery!  There are still some things I need to put away, and a few things we need to get (nothing necessary for the first few weeks, though!), but it feels good to have it finished!  Here are some pictures for you to get a glimpse!

If you were hoping to get a peek at her name...sorry, I took it out of this picture!  
But it will be in big pink letters between the butterflies! :-)

The wall you first see as you walk into the room
(see here for some "before" pictures)

The corner I anticipate spending a little time in over the coming months!
(again...sorry, I took her name out!)

And the fantastic painting my friend Jade did for the baby!
We opted to have her paint a canvas so we'll always have it, rather than a mural on a wall that will someday either get painted over or will get left behind (say, when we find jobs in Colorado or Indiana...).

I'm officially 37 weeks tomorrow, and definitely ready to be done being pregnant.  The only time my body doesn't hurt is when I'm swimming.  If I could just live in water for the next two weeks, that'd be great!  I am down to 3 more days of work - I give two finals on Friday, and one on Saturday.  My plan is to stay out in Kingsville until the last one is graded and grades are posted on Saturday so that my maternity leave can officially start!  I'm planning to head out for graduation if I'm able to, but otherwise don't plan on seeing my office again until August!  I can't wait...but even more, can't wait for this little girl to get here!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! You are so close! I can't wait. The room looks great. You are almost making me want a THIRD...I may have to stop reading your blog :) Either her name is long or you spaced the letters out a lot...can't wait to find out. Thinking of you!