Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Evelyn's First Photo Shoot

A couple of months before Evelyn was born, my friend Susan entered her into a raffle for a free newborn photo session with Cat Herndon.  Cat is a new photographer and was offering the raffle as a way to help build her portfolio with some newborn photos.  We were thrilled to hear that we won, and even more thrilled as we saw the resulting pictures!  Here's some of our favorites from our little diva's first photo shoot!

She was such a trooper, and Cat was really wonderful.  She came to our house for the session, and was so relaxed and calm.  Evelyn had a rough night the previous night, and so I wasn't able to feed her right before the session to keep her good and sleepy.  Cat was great and took time out of the session to let me nurse her...which wasn't a quick task, if you've ever nursed a newborn!  She had been naked for the session, so I wrapped her up in a blanket to nurse her, and learned my lesson on naked nursing!  She peed all over me at one point, but the best was the huge blow out she had.  It was one of those laugh or cry moments and I chose to laugh.  She had not pooped in 2 days, so we were thrilled that she was finally pooping!  Oh the things you celebrate in the Mom Club!  Cat was wonderful and just sat and chatted with Dan while I cleaned up the little pooper and got her back to her photo shoot.  I was so blessed that Cat was so calm about it, normally taking up an hour of someone's time would have stressed me out, but she had me totally at ease!

Now for the task of choosing which ones of these to print!

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  1. Sooo sweet! I never did this with my kids but wish I had. Print them all!!