Friday, May 27, 2011

First Chiropractic Adjustment

Evelyn had her first adjustment from our chiropractor on Wednesday.  I started going to Scott for adjustments back in December when I was dealing with crazy sciatic pain during my pregnancy.  At that point, I was 15 weeks pregnant and could barely walk at times.  I was adjusted weekly through the remainder of my pregnancy, and was moving (including swimming and walking for fitness) better at 38 weeks than I was at 15 weeks!  Through his practice, Dan and I learned a lot about the benefits of chiropractic care for wellness, and not just fixing something that is hurt.  After talking with a number of other parents who have taken their kids to a chiropractor, we decided to start Evelyn early - where rather than fixing nervous system disturbances when they come (i.e., allergies, colds/sickness, as well as the back pain we tend to think of chiropractors as fixing), we hopefully prevent them from occurring.

She was a little hacked off at being woken up from her nap...

He said she was pretty tight in the area where digestion is controlled, so we are hoping this will help with her gas and digestive problems she's been having.  She'll see him every week for the next month, then will probably just need to go monthly to keep everything aligned!


  1. Awww!!! Wish I had pics of Kiana's first chiro adjustment! It was the day of her very first car ride...she was 8 or 9 days old. Hated the car, LOVED the adjustment. She was the same way, tight in the digestion area...seemed to help her out. :)

  2. We took Shay in for his reflux and it didn't work for him but I have talked to a lot of parents who it did work for so hopefully you fall in that category and it ends those midnight car rides!