Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Last Day as Two...

For those of you who haven't heard, we are going in to start the labor induction process tonight at 6pm.  They will officially start pitocin tomorrow morning, so tonight will mostly be getting everything ripe and ready so to speak! :-)  My OB is on call tomorrow, which is nice because she'll likely be the one to deliver me.  It's a little bit odd knowing the day that you are going into labor, it takes some of the stressful excitement out of it.  But being the planner that I am, this has actually been pretty nice for me!  We had another ultrasound yesterday (Friday) morning, showing her to have grown a little more.  This time she was measuring 9 pounds, 2 ounces...which is crazy, and thankfully most everyone I have talked to who had "huge" babies in their ultrasounds were delivering 7-8 pound babies in the end.  It was my understanding that we would do the ultrasound then see my OB one last time to set an induction date.  So we did the ultrasound, then headed up to her office to sign in.  After a few minutes, the receptionist called me up and asked if I had an appointment.  I told her yes, and she informed me that Dr. Nowitzky was not in today.  Uhhh...  I told her what I thought was happening, and she was getting ready to send me home when another nurse told her to wait a minute to see my file.  Once she saw my file, she called me back up and said that she was supposed to call Dr. Nowitzky with the results of my ultrasound, and that Dr. Nowitzky would call me if any of the instructions that I had already been given needed to change.  Again, uhhhh...we have not had any instructions given to us!  So I told her that and she took us over to the Labor & Delivery scheduling area where we found out that we have been scheduled to begin induction tonight at 6pm.  Whirlwind of thoughts...  It sounds like the date has been set for a while, but somehow we didn't get the message.  So, Dan and I immediately went into, "what do we have to get done" mode (which really was nothing - we've been ready for a couple of weeks!).  We both worked yesterday, but then began our last 24 hours as two.

We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, La Playa.
(which ended up being a terrible decision on my part because I was up half the night with terrible heartburn and indigestion!)

Dan mowed the lawn while I did laundry and baked a casserole to freeze.

We slept for one last night in our house with no newborn.
(neither one of us actually slept that well...)

We played Words with Friends.

We went shopping for his Father's Day gift - a new lawn mower.
(we figured it would be easier now than in a month with a newborn!)

We went swimming.
(I gave Dan some swimming lessons, while he noticed that there was a basketball goal just outside the pool.  I'm fairly certain in the future he'll be shooting hoops with the baby in the stroller under a tree next to the goal while I swim.)

I took a 20 minute shower.
(and thought about it being the last time I'll get to do that for a while.)

Dan took a nap while I blogged about what we did.

We watched the minutes tick by willing it to be 5:00 so we could go eat and head to the hospital.

And the best part of today, was so looking forward to holding that baby girl in our arms that we barely cared that today was the last day we would be able to do many things easily because we were just two.

Because in less than 24 hours (hopefully!), we'll be three.

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  1. Oh Stacey and Dan I'm so excited for you! This is exactly what we did will Emma but didn't have to be to the hospital till 8pm the night I just keep thinking back as to what we went through and all that you'll go through. We will be praying for you! Just know God is surrounding you and He will guide you're every step! It was such a fun an amazing time.
    Cannot wait to hear the great news! Love you guys! Sus