Monday, May 2, 2011

Little Chubbers

If the ultrasound we had Friday is any indication, we have a little chubbers spending her last couple of weeks in mommy's tummy.  The ultrasound measurements are showing her to be nearly 8 1/2 pounds already (at 36 weeks).  I've heard from a number of people who had similar ultrasound readings who delivered high 7 to low 8 pound babies, so I'm feeling a little better!  My doctor wants to induce at 39 weeks to be on the safe side, but doesn't want to go much earlier than that because a lot of brain development happens in these next few weeks.  Apparently her head circumference is fine, her waist circumference is what is causing concern.  My OB said that babies with bigger waists usually have bigger shoulders, which obviously can pose a problem during delivery.  I am thankful to have a doctor who does not immediately turn to Cesarean for something like this!  I go in again on Thursday, and we will talk about dates for the induction, unless she comes earlier on her own.  I am done with giving finals on Saturday, so if she could wait 5 more days, it'll help Mommy be less stressed! :-)  We pretty much have everything ready for her at home now, and my work schedule becomes increasingly lighter as this week progresses.  We're definitely excited for her to make her appearance!  It all kind of set in when we realized we were likely approaching the 2 week mark this week now!

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