Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Glimpse of the Nursery

My Mom and Dad came to visit (code word = work) this past weekend.  I am so overwhelmed at everything that they did while they were here, we are so incredibly blessed!  They flew in on Thursday late afternoon, and I had three projects that I really wanted to complete while they were here - painting the nursery, hanging storage in the garage, and putting together the nursery furniture.  Dan had to work on Friday, so the storage in the garage had to wait for Friday night/Saturday morning.  By noon on Friday we were onto my secondary list of projects - shampooing the carpets in the nursery and fixing odd things that needed fixed around the house.  It was so nice to have them here, however I'm glad we have a granddaughter coming because I don't think they would be coming back anytime soon without her!

Here are some "before" pictures of the nursery...

My Dad isn't too fond of painting, so he put together the baby furniture while my Mom and I painted.

First wall of the nursery...it's borderline obnoxious - but I love it!

And here are some "after" pictures...

There's still quite a bit that I'm going to do with it, but having the solid color down on the walls was the biggest part, and had to be done to start!  My superstar friend, Jade, is going to paint the design from the baby's nursery decor (Carter's Butterfly Flowers collection) on one of the walls, and I have some decals and other stuff to hang on the other walls to complete it all.  I'll be sure to post pictures as everything comes together!

The last time my parents came down, every time we saw a Whataburger (which is just about every half mile in this town...), my Dad would make a comment about it.  I thought he was just being my Dad, but in all honesty he really wanted to try it.  So we promised him Whataburger on this trip (since he worked so hard).  Dan missed out since he was at work...

Friday evening, my Mom and I made a Babies R' Us run while Dad and Dan started work on the garage storage.  When we got home, we started cleaning up all of the cardboard and styrofoam trash that had accumulated in the garage.  Four trash bags full of styrofoam...the blue bin next to it is already filled with cardboard boxes, with another stack about 2 feet high waiting for it's turn to be recycled.  Apparently everything baby comes wrapped in cardboard and styrofoam!

Dad and Dan working on the storage

They finished up around noon on Saturday, which was perfect because we had plans to meet some dear friends from Wray (now they live in Greeley) for lunch.  Bill and Ruthie went to the church I grew up in, and now live in Port Aransas for two months out of every year.  Port Aransas is a beach town just across the bay from us where a lot of Winter Texans come from December-March every year.

My Mom and Ruthie

Dad, Mom, Ruthie, and Bill

We also went to church with them on Saturday night - which was a hoot.  They attend a church in Port Aransas that is largely comprised on Winter Texans...meaning the average attendee is no less than 60 years old.  We were by far the youngest pew there!

These last shots are some that my Mom took the last night they were here.

A huge THANK YOU to Grammie and Grandad for coming down and helping us get ready for little Miss Gaines.  Next time we won't put you to work (maybe...) :-)


  1. I just want to make sure that my visit isn't secretly code for work as well!!! :-) The nursery looks great... Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. I love it!! I love the colors and the adorable bedding! And you look great, hot mama! Look at that baby bump.....and those other two bumps!!! Just wait until your milk comes in!!

  3. Check you out, hot mama!! I love the room! I love the colors and the adorable bedding!!! And I love your baby bump!!!!!

  4. The baby room look so great! I'm so excited for you guys!!