Saturday, August 9, 2014

One Last Swimming Day

We are nearing the end of "summer" in south Texas.  And by that I mean that the city thinks that since it's Labor Day, the pools can't be open any more.  This always baffles me as we are still sitting at 100+ degrees and even in Colorado, we would stay open on weekends through September most years.  It's dumb, really.  But, alas, this was the last weekend our favorite pool in the area was going to be open.  We invited Amber (the girls' nanny) and Stephen (her husband) to come with us since the pool is really close to where they live.  Here are some pictures of the fun!

I am amazed at how much Evelyn developed her swimming skills over the course of the summer.  She went from barely wanting to put her face in the water to diving for sticks on her own (with no goggles because her Mom is a former swimming instructor who hated it when kids were afraid to open their eyes under water...sorry, kid!). 

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