Friday, August 1, 2014

July Growth

Evelyn had another month of crazy growth in July!

Here are her current stats:
33.75 inches (grew 3/4 of an inch)
25.6 pounds (gained .8 pounds)
Is in between size 6 and 7 shoes (depends on the shoe)
This picture shows February 1st (about a week after we started therapy), July 1, and today
This picture is what is really crazy to me...
My thumb is July of 2013, my index finger is when we started GHT, and my middle finger is today. 
In just over 6 months of GHT, she has grown 3.75 inches, gained 4.2 pounds, and moved from size 4 to (almost) size 7 shoes.  I know she's growing, but this is just crazy!  Sometimes I sit and look at her on our video monitor and can't believe how long her legs are.  Sigh.  So happy that she is growing, but it makes me want to bawl!

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