Monday, August 18, 2014

Hibachi Grill

We took the girls to a Hibachi grill tonight - it was Lillian's first Hibachi experience.  The night started off with a little too much excitement when the table next to us had a fire.  Like a legitimate too much oil with the flame on the grill so the flame spread to the floor.  It was enough of a scare that we moved the girls away from our table, too.  A little crazy! 
Evelyn watching our chef (who was not the fire one)
Mommy and Lillian watching
Our flame - that stayed on the grill! - the girls loved it!
Evelyn trying to use chopsticks
It's always fun to observe them watch everything that is going on at places like this - the wonder in their eyes with a twinkle of fear is priceless!

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