Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Random Pictures

She loves her boots
Practicing her dancing
Taking care of her baby while watching a show
Big girl!
She insists on going down the stairs like this...makes a mama's heart drop...
Evelyn singing in her British accent
Helping Daddy with some yard work
Ah yes - it's finally Broncos season!
Gah - Evelyn was wearing this outfit like 4 months ago (*bawling*)
First pigtails!
Look Mom, I dressed myself!
 Tickle monster Daddy
Sometimes Mommy's runs are just too long to stay awake...
(so Mommy parks the stroller inside to take advantage of the nap!)
Picking out her water bottle and backpack for school
Having some cake!
Evelyn and her friend Taylor at a birthday party
Evelyn and the birthday girl, Kendall
Lilly's first ice cream cone!
Mmmmm - what's this you are letting me hold?
 I think she likes it!
There's just something about this kid drinking through a straw - it's my favorite!
Big girl swinging
Climbing some trees
Mom - pick me up!
Half naked dancing is a fan favorite around here....wait...
Practicing her curtsy for dance
Sweet girl!
Trying to get to Daddy's popcorn

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