Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Endo Checkup

Evelyn had her 7 month check up with her endocrinologist today.  She has these every 3-4 months, where they check her stats (height, weight, BP, etc.) and visit with Dr. Paez.  The past two times, she has had to adjust Evelyn's dosage because she is responding so positively to the therapy.
Getting her blood pressure taken
Her checkup today was great!  In the 7 months since she started (late January), this is how she has grown:
HEIGHT - started at 29.5 inches - now at 34 inches - grew 4.5 inches
WEIGHT - started at 20.8 pounds - now at 26.2 pounds - gained 5.4 pounds

Dr. Paez said that they expect about 4 inches of growth across the first year - so she is definitely ahead of the curve in that respect!  She is actually finally back on the growth charts for weight, and just under them for height.  She definitely looks like she fits in with her friends now, even though she is still the smallest of them.

Over the past year or so of going to Driscoll for various doctor appointments, Evelyn has always wanted to play on this playground - but it's been under construction forever.  
She finally got to play on it today!
It's exciting to see her growing so much!  I await the day that Dr. Paez is stumped because she is growing too fast...and we see evidence of her complete healing here on earth!

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