Sunday, October 6, 2013

This is Why Mommy Goes to Church

Getting back to work means getting all of my students' germs.  Yuck.  It took all of 3 days for me to come down with a nasty cold.  Combine this with being back to work full-time, and a newborn who is still getting up at least 3 times a night to nurse - and I am worn out, sick, and tired. :-)  I decided to stay home from church this morning to get some extra rest, and Dan took Evelyn with him.
This is the outfit he chose for her to wear to church.
(I do give him points for the Broncos shirt...however, it's Lillian's onesie - with jeggings.  Awesome)
And this is why Mommies go to church...
Evelyn apparently was playing on a chair in her classroom and fell off.  She bonked her head pretty good (as you can see by the goose egg on her head).  We decided to butterfly it instead of put her through the trauma of stitches - it was right on the borderline of whether stitches would be necessary or not.  Poor girl!
Our chill-y girl, Lilly, just hanging out during the hoopla!

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