Monday, September 30, 2013

September Random Pictures

All of our random pictures from September...
Seriously, what's cuter than a sleeping Supergirl baby?!
I like this - I kick it and it makes noise!
 Evelyn on the monitor...feet in a frog position (check), feet up against crib side (check), blanket over face (check)...
Some days you just want to wear your boots and hat
(Someone is like her Mom and longs for cooler weather!)
Just running some errands
(she did this to herself...)
Line up all of your stuffed animals and sit next to them (check)
So smart - Amber didn't even have a chance to explain her game of sorting the balls by colors onto the paper before Evelyn did it herself!
She loves coats - we seriously need to move north!
Dancing along with Kenichi Ebina from America's Got Talent
 Wearing Jesse's hat
Hi guys!
 Working the tummy time while big sister sings her ABCs
 Praying before dinner!
  Fun with the family camera
Again...she did this to herself!
Sometimes having a big sister is hard work!
Little smooshie...getting too big, too fast!

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