Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Random Pictures

Here are our random pictures from October!
Evelyn developing her yoga skills
(She did this on her own!)
Pipe cleaners, a little hot glue, and one happy princess!
Another happy princess...I just got milk!
The weather has finally changed a little where it's bearable to be outside (sans mosquitoes)
Someone's starting to break out of her swaddle
This is her current preferred method of sleeping
I love this wobble headed, I can finally (sort of) sit upright stage!

Evelyn is into wearing her "coat" (a hooded bath towel) and my shoes lately
(this girl is wasted on the south...she needs some cooler weather to enjoy coats and shoes!)
Lilly LOVES it when you massage her cheeks - for weeks, every time I would do this, she would start talking away.  sigh - can they stay small?
Evelyn loves wearing this owl purse as a hat...whatever, kid!
"I sit in the bath"
This was followed shortly by, "put Lillian in the bath?" - um, no.
Who doesn't love BBQ and a CapriSun?
The Princess on her throne...
We have added socks on the hands as gloves to the mix...
Seriously, she has a career in yoga ahead...this was at story time at the library
Because it's cool to wear your sunglasses and hat and hold Lisa...
Working on some tummy time!
(dude - sorry about my cleavage...just saw that - but the picture is too cute to not put in)
Hey - what's over there?
Pack me up and ship me off (just make sure I have snacks!)
Evelyn loves laying down on the driveway with Daddy to look at the stars...this night she insisted that Lillian lay down, too!
Yes, sweet girls, yes you are...

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